Selecting The Best Sign For Your Business

Your storefront signage is critical. Your sign offers the first impression about your business to your customers and prospects. The signage also sets the tone for the kind of business you run. Therefore, your storefront signage needs to fit in the visual context of your neighborhood and stand out at the same time.
Selecting the the right sign for your business should include consideration of: 1) local restrictions, 2) location, 3) the image you wish to project, and 4) consistency with other marketing strategies.

Find out about signage restrictions

Before you can come up with a sign, you need to understand what limitations you face. Most towns and cities have restrictions on signage. You may also have restrictions from neighborhood associations or historic districts. If you are leasing your business space, the building owner may place other restrictions on signage.

Let your location guide your sign choices

A well-designed sign will conform to the style and tone of the area where you are located. In an historic district, your sign should reflect the look and feel of the area, contributing to the environment, instead of distracting from it. In an urban hot spot, a trendy, more cutting edge look might be more appealing. The sign will need to work well with the buildings, the landscaping and other signage in the area.

You want your customers to be able to see the sign from the most common approach. The sign you would use for a car approach would be different from the one you would use for pedestrian traffic. Any sign you put up should be easy to read, night or day.

Keep it simple

A cluttered sign is confusing. People passing by may not have time or desire to stop and read all the sign details. You want a simple message that is understood at a quick glance. Simplicity is not only more attractive to customers, it also conveys a certain professionalism. A good sign will give your business name and purpose in as few words as possible. It is also highly recommended that your business signage stays consistent with other marketing strategies.

Selecting Your Sign Company

When you are ready to commit to a sign for your business, another critical piece is selecting your sign company. Select a company that has experience in many types of signs and will help guide you through the selection of a business sign. Will the company handle the permits? What do different kinds of signs cost? Does the company handle installation? Does the company offer maintenance? What kind of guarantee or warranty does the company offer on the signs and installation?

Your storefront sign is a major investment in your company. Take the time and effort to make the right choice. Call on the experts at AAA Signs of Amarillo. If you have questions about any of our products or services, call us at (806) 353-3536. You can also connect with us via email on the Contact Us page. Check out our galleries to see a sampling of our products and services. We always welcome you to visit our offices at 6337 Canyon Drive in Amarillo, TX.

Services by AAA signs of Amarillo

AAA Signs of Amarillo is locally owned and operated. Our parent company, Hi Plains Canvas, has been in business 59 years. Our sign business derived from our customers needs. As our customers needs increased we developed the skills and knowledge needed so that we could repair, service, and build new signs as Amarillo grew. We have knowledgeable salesmen and creative designers to work with our customers to make the perfect sign for your business.


Living in the Panhandle creates certain problems with signs that most sign companies don’t understand. With our high winds and hailstorms you need a strong sturdy sign. Our in-house manufacturing gives us more control over the strength of the signs. Good quality products are what we strive to produce.


AAA Signs has a very skilled staff of designers to help you develop your ideas or create something for you. Anything from elegant to off the wall.

Installation and Service

AAA Signs installs our own products and subcontracts with out of town sign companies to install for them. AAA Signs services all the Panhandle and surrounding areas. We can handle all your sign service needs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing adds depth and color to your sign. Photo quality prints catch your customers eye.

Neon Signs

Our neon shop can repair or create a new neon sign for you.


AAA Signs employs skilled welders that are trained in new fabrication and repairs. Metal & aluminum signs are no problem. We are equipped to handle the job. We have certified welders on staff.

Electrical Service

AAA Signs has the experience and knowledge to handle all your electrical sign needs such as parking lot lights, photo cells, security lighting, and lit wall signs on neon. From ground level to several stories high AAA Signs is here to take care of your lighting needs. AAA Signs conforms to UL Standards. We meet or exceed all electrical codes ensuring that your businesses electrical signage conforms to all local and state codes. Our technicians are licensed through TSCEL.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a great choice for strip malls or individual stores to advertise their name. They are internally illuminated with an acrylic face or a flexible face. Multiple lines of texts can be used along with logos or services offered. Many options are available to our customers as far as design and style.