Public Attraction Versus Return On Investment

AAA Signs in Amarillo, Texas works with a wide range of companies who specialize in a variety of industries. One thing is for sure, no matter the industry, a sign is only as effective as its appeal to the public that sees it. In other words, the public attraction benefit from a sign is what determines whether or not it was worth the original investment. For that reason, when we get a question about something like the return on your promotional investment, we feel it is a subject that can benefit both our potential customers and existing customer base.

Before we get into specifics, let’s take a moment to review what a return on investment (ROI) really is. It boils down to a unit of measurement – a way to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Look at it as an analysis of profit and loss from a different angle. If used properly, this information can help you make better decisions about where you spend your hard earned, valuable marketing dollars.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

There’s a lot of wisdom in this old adage. Advertising is expensive. That’s why ROI analysis is so important. By using ROI, you have the tools to know where and how to invest in different advertising choices.

You can break up your investment into different areas using proven data and get clear estimates of the returns you’re likely to see; proving that with a little pre-planning, you can develop a solid promotional strategy.

How does it work and where do signs land in the promotional mix? Let’s find out.

Promotion uses a cost-per-impression ratio. According to an advertising impressions study, there is a sliding scale when it comes to cost-per-impression investing. The average promotional item – say a hat, a shirt, or a custom pen – will cost you about half a cent per impression. Ads that are print or media-based cost anywhere between 7 and 33 cents per impression. Signage falls into the medium-high range of this scale depending on what design and style choices you make.

While promotional items work to attract new customers who come in contact with your brand, signage can serve many purposes. Ultimately, all your promotional attempts should come back to brand recognition, which translates to returns over and above your advertising investment.

What are the variables?

If the name of the game is brand recognition, your path to winning over customers begins with dollars and cents. When choosing how to invest in signage, there are some variables that should be considered. Such as:

  • When and where the sign is displayed
  • How often people see it
  • Its curb appeal and attractiveness to the public

In addition, since you are promoting a specific brand, the sign must match the message. For example, a paint company probably would not use a model dressed in a fancy suit in their graphics or advertising campaigns. To make a high-quality and lasting impression on the public, every promotional investment has to center around a specific message or mission, including any image or visual component.

What is the solution to your advertising ROI dilemma?

Choices must be considered and decisions must be made. Not to worry, at AAA Signs, we have a range of promotional products to choose from and we give you access to the experts that know our products best – our staff. Our promotion-savvy sales team can help you navigate through the promotional process so that you feel comfortable and confident making the investment. After that, start watching as the returns roll in. Give us a call at (806) 353-3536. Contact us today to get your free estimate or check out sign designs, manufacturing and installation capabilities and options.

Services by AAA signs of amarillo

AAA Signs of Amarillo is locally owned and operated. Our parent company, Hi Plains Canvas, has been in business 59 years. Our sign business derived from our customers needs. As our customers needs increased we developed the skills and knowledge needed so that we could repair, service and build new signs as Amarillo grew. We have knowledgeable salesmen and creative designers to work with our customers to make the perfect sign for your business.


Living in the Panhandle creates certain problems with signs that most sign companies don’t understand. With our high winds and hailstorms you need a strong sturdy sign. Our in-house manufacturing gives us more control over the strength of the signs. Good quality products are what we strive to produce.


AAA Signs has a very skilled staff of designers to help you develop your ideas or create something for you. Anything from elegant to off the wall.

Installation and Service

AAA Signs installs our own products and subcontracts with out of town sign companies to install for them. AAA Signs services all the Panhandle and surrounding areas. We can handle all your sign service needs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing adds depth and color to your sign. Photo quality prints catch your customers eye.

Neon Signs

Our neon shop can repair or create a new neon sign for you.


AAA Signs employs skilled welders that are trained in new fabrication and repairs. Metal & aluminum signs are no problem. We are equipped to handle the job. We have certified welders on staff.

Electrical Service

AAA Signs has the experience and knowledge to handle all your electrical sign needs such as parking lot lights, photo cells, security lighting, and lit wall signs on neon. From ground level to several stories high AAA Signs is here to take care of your lighting needs. AAA Signs conforms to UL Standards. We meet or exceed all electrical codes ensuring that your businesses electrical signage conforms to all local and state codes. Our technicians are licensed through TSCEL.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a great choice for strip malls or individual stores to advertise their name. They are internally illuminated with an acrylic face or a flexible face. Multiple lines of texts can be used along with logos or services offered. Many options are available to our customers as far as design and style.