What Factors Determine The Cost For A Custom Sign That Effectively Promotes Your Business?

Like a lot of other promotional and marketing materials; when finding the right sign option for your business, cost has to enter the conversation. It can be a difficult conversation if you find your options are limited. Understanding your options and the factors that will ultimately determine the cost for your custom sign are critical to ensuring you get the best, most effective sign within your budget. At AAA Signs in Amarillo, Texas, we don’t believe in limiting your options or difficult conversations. We place customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities. We believe your sign options should be more like the automotive market; offering both low-end affordability and top-of-the-line luxury. It all depends on the benefits and functionality you need and that you’ve budgeted for.

All sign designs and options point to a familiar marketing outline.

Almost everyone has heard the argument that your biggest calculating factors are supply and demand. The trouble is, not every product fits this two-axis graph. Signs are a perfect ill-fitting example.

It’s not that supply and demand don’t matter, but you’re buying a product to raise your own supply for what you hope will be an ever increasing demand for your goods and services, so other factors have to come into play that go beyond industry-standard arguments. Those factors include such things as:

  • Sign durability
  • Sign installation and location specifics (indoors or outdoors)
  • Sign lighting options
  • Sign functionality
  • Sign installation technique
  • Sign style

The greater the desired sign functionality and benefits, the higher the price.

This pricing outlined makes logical sense and offers more flexibility than a marketing graph ever could. To prove our point, we’ve included a range of sign styles that are available from our company. This is only a small selection of what we offer, but it gives you an idea of scale by cost.

The cost-benefit premise to scale for custom signs

Just like the two-axis equation shared above; the cost-benefit premise has its limits. Every business, when pressed to a budgetary cap, reaches a crossroads where the cost of the sign outweighs the perceived or realized benefits associated with a higher cost. In the interest of creating a reasonable and workable sign solution for every business, a miniature cost-benefit scale is provided below using AAA Sign options as examples.

We’ll start with the most affordable, low-end signs and work our way up to top-of-the-line luxury; the best that the sign industry has to offer:

Option #1: Banner signs- these signs are highly visible and offer versatility in sizing and display. They are the most affordable option in signage promotion, but they are also the most temporary, as they wear out over the long-term and can be damaged by the elements. Given the durability issue; consider this style to promote grand openings, seasonal events, and limited time offers.

Option #2: Flat metal signs- this is definitely a step up in the durability department. The signs can stand up to the elements for outdoor installation and remain in pristine shape for indoor installation. Depending on the final graphics you choose, they can have added public appeal. The downside: they are not lit, so in the wrong location they can be easily overlooked.

Option #3: Metal signs with 3-D cutout letters- at mid-range cost, your options for increasing appeal open up. While the signs still lack lighting to offset and accentuate the lettering, 3-D cutout are more noticeable than flat vinyl. The signs also last longer, giving you a greater return on your investment.

Option #4: Lighted box signs- you get all of the advantages of metal signs with the additional advantage of 24/7 advertising because the signs are visible even at night. They do cost more to maintain, but many clients find that the added expense pays for itself in promotional value and public appeal.

Option #5: Front-lit or back-lit signs- rated as the most appealing signs for nighttime advertising; these 3-D signs top the scale. They are more expensive, but they create pleasing visual effects that allow you to take full advantage of promotional opportunities.

Don’t think that cost and budget will hold you back; start the conversation with AAA Signs today and find the perfect solution to creating a custom sign for your business or upcoming event. AAA Signs / Hi Plains Canvas of Amarillo, Texas offers free on-site estimates for every client. Our commitment to customer service is our top priority and that hasn't changed since 1957. Experience the true power and value that the perfect sign will bring to your advertising. Contact us today to get your free estimate. Give us a call at (806) 353-3536 and visit our gallery to check out our full line of sign designs, manufacturing and installation capabilities and options.

Services by AAA signs of amarillo

AAA Signs of Amarillo is locally owned and operated. Our parent company, Hi Plains Canvas, has been in business 59 years. Our sign business derived from our customers needs. As our customers needs increased we developed the skills and knowledge needed so that we could repair, service and build new signs as Amarillo grew. We have knowledgeable salesmen and creative designers to work with our customers to make the perfect sign for your business.


Living in the Panhandle creates certain problems with signs that most sign companies don’t understand. With our high winds and hailstorms you need a strong sturdy sign. Our in-house manufacturing gives us more control over the strength of the signs. Good quality products are what we strive to produce.


AAA Signs has a very skilled staff of designers to help you develop your ideas or create something for you. Anything from elegant to off the wall.

Installation and Service

AAA Signs installs our own products and subcontracts with out of town sign companies to install for them. AAA Signs services all the Panhandle and surrounding areas. We can handle all your sign service needs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing adds depth and color to your sign. Photo quality prints catch your customers eye.

Neon Signs

Our neon shop can repair or create a new neon sign for you.


AAA Signs employs skilled welders that are trained in new fabrication and repairs. Metal & aluminum signs are no problem. We are equipped to handle the job. We have certified welders on staff.

Electrical Service

AAA Signs has the experience and knowledge to handle all your electrical sign needs such as parking lot lights, photo cells, security lighting, and lit wall signs on neon. From ground level to several stories high AAA Signs is here to take care of your lighting needs. AAA Signs conforms to UL Standards. We meet or exceed all electrical codes ensuring that your businesses electrical signage conforms to all local and state codes. Our technicians are licensed through TSCEL.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a great choice for strip malls or individual stores to advertise their name. They are internally illuminated with an acrylic face or a flexible face. Multiple lines of texts can be used along with logos or services offered. Many options are available to our customers as far as design and style.