AAA Signs of Amarillo For National Sign Service And Installation

Installing and maintaining commercial signs is definitely a specialty business. A qualified national sign service must have the right mixture of experience, equipment and personnel to handle the job efficiently and successfully. In the Panhandle of Texas, one if the best full-service national sign service companies is definitely AAA Signs of Amarillo.


The Bural family of Amarillo opened the doors to the business back in 1957. Gene Bural, the company's founder is still around as the president of the company but turned over day-to-day operations to his sons, Dale and Kevin, in 1996.

Dale and Kevin are both veterans in providing national sign service and installation to locations all around Amarillo. They employ crews that bring plenty of experience and knowledge to the field. This experience and depth of talent has brought them recognition as one of the best national sign service providers in the Texas panhandle.

The company has done many notable national sign service projects in the Amarillo area. One project of note is the Courtyard by Marriott in downtown Amarillo. Marriott refurbished the historic Fisk building and needed signs to complete the project. AAA signs of Amarillo installed a neon sign on the corner of the building (easily seen at 8th and Polk), as well as a sign on the top of the building. The neon signs by AAA Signs of Amarillo bring well deserved attention to The City of Amarillo and Marriott.


Experience only goes so far. You need the right equipment to provide full national sign service. AAA Signs of Amarillo has the equipment. Three crane trucks offer the ability to haul signs up to as high as 110 feet in the air. Four bucket trucks allow crew members to get as high as 47 feet in the air. The company also has a dedicated auger for drilling sign post holes. The company's skid loader helps remove the dirt and debris from the installation site. Company transport trailers can handle signs up to 38 feet. AAA Signs of Amarillo is equipped to handle any national sign service that is needed.


At the helm of AAA Signs of Amarillo, Dale and Kevin Bural keep their crews working at maximum efficiency. They have built a staff to support their national sign service operations.

The company has five field crews that can handle just about any national sign service project requested. The company also employs certified welders, CDL operators, three master sign electricians and several journeyman electricians to keep their national sign service projects on track and on time.


AAA Signs has handled many national chain sign installations. These include Taco Bell, Beall's, Kohl's, Panda Express, Aaron's, Lowe's, Holiday Inn, Homewood Suites and Residence Inn, among many others. They also do national sign maintenance for companies like Home Depot, Lowe's, Chevrolet and Ford dealerships.

The experts at AAA Signs also handle full site surveys. By providing photos, measurements, and accurate drawings of the facility and grounds, precise placement and sign sizes can be determined to offer the client the best exposure.

AAA Signs of Amarillo is also a UL approved manufacturer of new signs.

If you need national sign service in Amarillo, give us a call here at AAA Signs. You can call us today at (806) 353-3536. You can also send us an email via our Contact Us page. Check out our galleries to see a sampling of the work we do. We welcome you to visit our offices at 6337 Canyon Drive here in Amarillo. And of course, AAA Signs of Amarillo is licensed, bonded and insured to protect you.

Services by AAA signs of amarillo

AAA Signs of Amarillo is locally owned and operated. Our parent company, Hi Plains Canvas, has been in business 59 years. Our sign business derived from our customers needs. As our customers needs increased we developed the skills and knowledge needed so that we could repair, service and build new signs as Amarillo grew. We have knowledgeable salesmen and creative designers to work with our customers to make the perfect sign for your business.


Living in the Panhandle creates certain problems with signs that most sign companies don’t understand. With our high winds and hailstorms you need a strong sturdy sign. Our in-house manufacturing gives us more control over the strength of the signs. Good quality products are what we strive to produce.


AAA Signs has a very skilled staff of designers to help you develop your ideas or create something for you. Anything from elegant to off the wall.

Installation and Service

AAA Signs installs our own products and subcontracts with out of town sign companies to install for them. AAA Signs services all the Panhandle and surrounding areas. We can handle all your sign service needs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing adds depth and color to your sign. Photo quality prints catch your customers eye.

Neon Signs

Our neon shop can repair or create a new neon sign for you.


AAA Signs employs skilled welders that are trained in new fabrication and repairs. Metal & aluminum signs are no problem. We are equipped to handle the job. We have certified welders on staff.

Electrical Service

AAA Signs has the experience and knowledge to handle all your electrical sign needs such as parking lot lights, photo cells, security lighting, and lit wall signs on neon. From ground level to several stories high AAA Signs is here to take care of your lighting needs. AAA Signs conforms to UL Standards. We meet or exceed all electrical codes ensuring that your businesses electrical signage conforms to all local and state codes. Our technicians are licensed through TSCEL.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a great choice for strip malls or individual stores to advertise their name. They are internally illuminated with an acrylic face or a flexible face. Multiple lines of texts can be used along with logos or services offered. Many options are available to our customers as far as design and style.