LED Lighting: The Best Option For Replacing Neon!

LED Lighting: The Best Option For Replacing Neon!

Businesses use outdoor signs to guide customers to the front door, to tell customers what the business is about, and to build the company brand. For almost a century, neon has graced the edges of Art Deco buildings, lit up the '50s diner, and brought in the age of Disco. While neon offers a distinct look and a sense of nostalgia, it is rapidly being displaced by LED, short for Light-Emitting Diodes. LEDs were first created in the 1920s with practical applications starting in the 1960s. Today, LED lamps and LED flex tubes are lighting up homes, businesses and billboards everywhere. The advantages include lower costs, environmental safety and versatility.

LEDs are a much better value than neon

Although LED lighting is slightly more expensive to initially purchase, they are a much better value due to reduced maintenance costs and long life. Energy use for LEDs can be as much as 40 percent less than neon installations. Maintenance requirements for LEDs are minimal and can last a decade or more. Neon signage is very high maintenance. Neon signs need periodic refills of the gas just to keep the signs glowing. These maintenance visits can be costly.

Brighter, versatile use

The brightness of LED is significantly higher than that of neon. LEDs make seeing a sign much easier from a greater distance, even during daylight hours. LED lighting is versatile, having multiple uses like signage, facility lighting and parking lot lighting. LED lighting is also used in manufacturing electronic message centers customized for a business. Neon is limited more to signage and some decorative lighting uses.
LED Lighting from AAA Signs
Environmentally safer

LED lighting is environmentally friendly. There is no filament in an LED, making the sign more energy efficient, more durable and longer lasting. On the other hand, neon signs are glass tubes which can be filled with noxious gas and mercury. When neon tubes are broken, those toxins are released into the atmosphere and glass is dropped to the ground.

Should you switch from neon tubes to LED lights for your outdoor signage?

Choosing to switch to LED lighting is purely a business decision you have to make based on your situation. If you have an old neon sign and you need to replace it, it will cost less in the long run to have a new LED sign put up rather than getting a whole new neon sign installed. Or if you need to change your signs for another reason, such as logo or branding updates, you would be wise to consider LED signs at that time. Better still, if you need a way to stand out from your competition, a brand new, brighter LED sign will definitely do the job. You can even add some movement to the visual display.

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